Smoke Alarms & Heat Detectors


Cavius 2008-002

Product Feature: 

  • World's smallest smoke alarm / detector
  • Moldel: CAVIUS 2008-002
  • Photoelectric alarm designed for residential homes
  • Alarm have a visual and acoustic signal designed to alert occupants
  • It has a hush function to reset after an unintentional or false alarm
  • Type of Mounting: Ceiling and wall mounting 



Technical Data: 

  • Battery: Non-replaceable 10 year long life 
  • Battery Type: 3v CR123 A Duracell Lithium Battery
  • Indicator: Low battery, short acoustic "beep" will sound
  • LED: Light flashes every 48 seconds when battery is near the end of its life
  • Flash Duration: 30 days
  • Life of Alarm: Change the alarm after 10 years of use or if it suffered any damage
  • Activation: Turn to click into the mounting base
  • Testing: Allow 5 seconds before testing after clicking into the mounting base
  • No radioactivity technology