Siren / Warning Lights

Asserta Mini Sounder



The most compact sounder in the Asserta Range, the Mini is a rugged unit with high IP rating. Suitable for use in harsh environments. Its low current consumption makes it ideal as a general signalling device in industrial applications. The Mini is also available with a tamper switch (supplied as separate module) for secure applications. Any interference with the unit can signal an alarm to a security panel.

  • Voltage: 9 - 60Vdc, 115 - 230Vac
  • Current (Sounder & Beacon): 198mA @ 24Vdc / 68 - 80mA @ 230Vac (Typical Tone 3)
  • Sound OutPut: 105dB
  • Tones: 32
  • Alarm Stages: 2
  • Flash Power: 2j
  • Flash Rate: 1Hz
  • Monitor: Reverse Polarity (dc version)
  • Temperature: -25 deg. C ~ +70 deg. C
  • Protection: IP66
  • Construction: ABS, PC Lens
  • Weight: 0.43kg (dc version) / 0.55kg (ac version)
  • Colour: Red or Grey
  • Lens Colour: Red, Amber, Blue or Clear