Fireman Outfit


Attack Turnout Gear

The Attack™ Turnout Gear is Lakeland Fire's most traditional style of turnout gear. The Attack features a longer 35” coat and waist-high pants. Loaded with a long list of popular features, the Attack is sure to become one of the best sets of turnout gear you’ve ever owned! Available in the OSX®, SCX, and MTS ordering programs. You will get the most bang for your buck any way you choose to order the Attack!

Attack OSX

Attack OSX patterns have revolutionized the way Attack feels and wears. The 3-layer system offers thermal protection, insulation and supreme visibility that also provides maximum comfort. Additionally, the OSX off-the-shelf convenience helps make your decision easy!

Attack MTS

The Attack MTS custom program offers patterns that have revolutionized the way Attack feels and wears. Superior mobility is key, with unrestricted movement while crouching, bending or reaching. You can customize your Attack™ gear to fit your needs and company requirements.