Fire Fighting Equipment

Stored Pressure F Class BFS6

Premier Stored Pressure Extinguisher

Type: F-Class
Capacity: 6 Litres

The formulation of the chemical in this extinguisher is based on nitrogenated derivatives and ammonium salts of phosphoric acid and hydrocarbon and fluorinated surfactants in aqueous solution. The extinguishing mechanism being that the chemical has a very strong smothering action on cooking oil type fires and forms a very compact foam on the surface preventing re-ignition.

This model has passed the requirements of BS EN3 for the suitability of being used on live electrical equipment.

This product will extinguish class A (carbonaceous) fires and class F (cooking oil) fires.

Key points

  • Approved and certified to BS EN3
  • Kitemarked product
  • CE marked in accordance with the PED
  • Diecast zinc colour coded headcap
  • Large neck ring enables servicing and refilling to be conducted with ease
  • Reliability
  • Quality assured for long service life
  • Manufactured in Great Britain