Fire Fighting Equipment

Monnex Cartridge Operated BM9

Premier Cartridge Operated Extinguisher

Type: Monnex
Capacity: 9KG

Monnex is based on a Potassium bicarbonate – Urea complex. The extinguishing powder interferes with the chemical reactions that take place in the combustion zone, thus the flame ceases to exist and the fire is extinguished. In the combustion zone Monnex powder explodes breaking into smaller particles which dramatically increases the surface area of the powder and thus the speed and effectiveness of this product.

The powder is non conductive and may be used in the presence of an electric current.

Monnex powder will extinguish class B (flammable liquid) fires and class C (flammable gas) fires.

Key Points

  • Approved and certified to BS EN3
  • Kite-marked product
  • CE-marked in accordance with the PED
  • Diecast zinc colour coded headcap
  • Patented balance valve for ultimate fluidization of compacted powder ensuring complete discharge
  • Large neck ring enables servicing and refilling to be conducted with ease
  • Safe and reliable
  • Quality assured for long service life
  • Also available as a Super BC powder model
  • Manufactured in Great Britain