Siren / Warning Lights


PB & BG2 Range

COOPER / MEDC Manual Call Point

PB (Push Button)& BG2 (Break Glass) Range


Material: Anti-static UV resistant glass reinforced polyester
Finish: Red painted finish as standard or to customer specification
Voltage: Up to 254V a.c. Up to 28V d.c
Weight: 1.2 kg. (Varies with models and entries)
Ingress Protection: IP66 & IP67
Cable Entries: 2 x M20 bottom (BG2)
Entries: Up to 4 entries, M16 or M20 top and bottom (1/2” NPT available on UL version)
Terminals: 6 x 2.5mm² (BG2), 7 x 2.5mm2 – standard. 9 x 2.5mm2 optional – up to 60V only.
Resistor Values: Ex de - 100Ω minimum, 39KΩ maximum, Ex ia - 470Ω minimum (BG2). Various configurations available on versions up to 24V and all ‘IS’ versions. (Minimum Resistor value 100ΩPBE, 470ΩPBI)
Earth Continuity: Internal and external earth continuity is provided with an optional earth plate.
LED Indication: A high intensity red LED can be fitted as an optional extra to indicate operation on versions up to 24V and all ‘IS’ versions.