Siren / Warning Lights


DB3B Range

COOPER / MEDC Sounders



Material: Ex enclosure - Flame retardant, UV stable, Glass reinforced polyester. Flare - Flame retardant, high impact, UV stable, thermoplastic polyester. (UV stability tested to ISO 4892 part 3). Hardware - Bracket, fixings and captive cover screws in 316 stainless steel
Finish: Body and horn - natural red
Voltage: DC: 12 - 48V AC: Up to 254V. If using an EOL resistor with a value between 700Ω and 2KΩ the maximum voltage must be limited to 28.8Vdc, if using an EOL resistor with a value between 470Ω and 700Ω the maximum voltage should be limited to 26Vdc
Terminals: AC: 7 x 2.5mm² (4 for loop in/out power, 3 for tone selection) (Standard unit only). DC: 8 x 2.5mm² (8 for loop in /out power and tone selection) (Standard unit only).