Fireman Outfit


Fireman Gloves

5200 - NFPA

Outer Shell: 7 oz. Aluminized PBI/Kevlar Knit .025 in. thick (.063 cm) Flexible Pleat on Back of Hand.
Thermal Liner: 12 oz. per square yard Tech Fleece. 6 osy Kevlar and FR Lenzing combined with 6 osy Mod acrylic fleece.
Protective Barrier: Crosstech PTFE Insert fully bonded to 12 osy Tech Fleece.
Grip Patches: 3.0 – 3.50 oz. Black Split Cowhide on palm side.
Steamblocker: Firewall Steamblock insulative pad shall be a fire retardant silicon foam elastomer with integral skin. Firewall Steamblock Insulative pad attached in glove seams and shall extend on back of glove to crotches of fingers.
Wristlet: 10.5 oz. per yard, double ply black Nomex, 4” in length. Not on model 5200G.
Wrist Pull: 3” x 3.5” round leather pull sewn to wristlet and glove body Thread: High burst strength Kevlar 30/5, lock stitch, 8-10 spi
Origin: USA
Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, J