Fireman Outfit


Flameguard Plus Outfit

SOLAS and MED approved Marine Fireman’s Outfit

Comprising Helmet, Jacket, Trousers, Fireman’s Gloves, Non-conductive Gloves and Fireman’s Boots.

Helmet (EN443)

The Compacta helmet is constructed in flame retardant high temperature copolymer plastic and has the following features,

  • Long term resistance to 140°C/30 min, 250°C/15 min
  • Polycarbonate anti-scratch and anti-fog coated visor
  • Removable aluminised neck protector
  • Interior polyurethane foam shock absorber
  • Integrated adjustment system 52-63 cm
  • Luminescent and reflective tape
  • Flame retardant cotton chinstrap
  • Compatible with full face BA mask

Flameguard Plus Suit (EN469)

The Flameguard Plus Suit is a two-piece garment with a two-layer construction. The outer shell uses a fire resistant substrate as a base laminated to an aluminised film optimised for the marine salt water environment. The jacket has a stand up collar, overlapping front with touch and close

Weight 4.5 kgs

Fireman’s Gloves Leather (EN659)

Leather gloves with Kevlar insert and cuff. Heat resistant, slash and puncture resistant.

Weight 0.5 kgs

Fireman’s Boots (EN 20345, EN 15090)

Fire resistant Wellingtons, made in fireproof nitrile rubber with polymer toe cap and composite anti-perforation mid-sole.

Weight 2.5 kgs


Non-Conductive Gloves (EN60903)

Electrically insulating to 500 volts working, tested to 2500 volts AC.

Weight 0.1 kgs