Fire Protection System



Fire Suppression System

Model: KIDDE Wet Chemical

System Design:

Hot cooking surfaces, round the clock operations, and high-efficiency appliances. Today's commercial cooking facilities have all the elements necessary for devastating fires, disasters that can shut down a food service establishment for a day, a month, or forever.

That's why the engineers at Kidde Fire Protection have introduced the next generation in commercial cooking fire suppression. The Kidde Fire Protection Wet Chemical System. Your insurance company and local fire authorities will like the Kidde System because it exceeds the tough UL 300 Standard. Your managers will appreciate that the Kidde System installs out of sight, remains on duty around the clock and uses a fire suppression agent that minimises after-fire clean-up operations.

But owners and operators of commercial cooking facilities will quickly come to realise the biggest benefit of the new Kidde System ... its ability to rapidly detect and suppress fire in any type of cooking appliance before there is extensive damage or a costly business interruption.

Exceeds UL 300:

UL 300 is the stringent standard of performance brought about by the evolution of new cooking trends and appliances that operate at higher temperatures. Kidde Fire Protection systems also comply with NFPA 96 and 17A, and other regulatory and insurance requirements.

Superior Wet Agent:

The Kidde Fire Protection wet chemical agent provides quicker flame knockdown and faster fire suppression, while blanketing the hazard area with a thicker saponification layer to prevent fire reflash.

Quicker After-Fire Clean-Up:

Simply use a damp cloth to wipe away the foamy Kidde wet chemical agent residue as soon as the appliances are cool and you're back in business.

Most Effective Coverages:

The Kidde System offers unmatched coverage that uses fewer discharge nozzles and flow points to protect the hazard area, resulting in more efficient fire suppression with less hardware cost.

A Precise Fit For Every Application:

Kidde Fire Protection’s flexible pre-engineered design concept, coupled with the widest array of cylinder sizes in the industry, enable our engineers to offer the most effective, efficient protection for every type of cooking appliance ... fryers, range tops, griddles, broilers, woks as well as hood and duct systems.

Automatic Or Manual Operation:

The Kidde XV control system provides for actuation of up to 20 cylinders. Automatic detection is accomplished with either electrical, mechanical, or a combination of both. Pictogram operating instructions ensure ease of system operation, while status views window aides in a quick check to ensure system readiness. The Kidde XV control system allows for complete customising and future modifications of system to meet the ever-changing.