Fire Protection System



Fire Suppression System

Model: KIDDE Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

System Design:

Details of both total flooding and local application systems are contained in the Kidde Fire Protection CO2 Design Manual.

CO2 Is Low Cost:

Carbon dioxide is a standard commercial product with many other uses and it is readily available throughout the world. Because of its universal use it can be obtained inexpensively and this is an important consideration when frequent recharging of storage containers is necessary as in local application systems, where fires may be more frequent.

Flexible Design:

The wide range of components manufactured by Kidde Fire Protection enables systems to be engineered to suit individual customer requirements. Systems can be either automatically or manually operated or arranged to protect single or multi-zone hazards and with any number of reserve discharges. Automatic control can be achieved mechanically, pneumatically or electrically or by any combination of these to suit site conditions.

Facilities are available for providing a pre-alarm and delayed discharge as well as various methods of preventing automatic release while protected rooms are occupied by personnel.

Audible and visual indications of system control can be provided together with facilities to automatically shut fuel valves, fire doors, dampers and shutters by either mechanical or electrical devices.

CO2 is stored in solid drawn steel cylinders manufactured to European Standards. The storage pressure varies with ambient temperature and is 58.6 bar at 21°C.

Any number of cylinders can be manifolded together and simultaneously released to provide the total design requirement of CO2.

Total Flooding Systems:

Total flooding systems extinguish fires by rapidly discharging CO2 into an enclosed volume to create an atmosphere that is incapable of supporting combustion.

The agent mixes homogeneously in the risk area to generate a CO2 concentration by volume of at least 34%. This concentration of CO2 presents a serious hazard to personnel and under no circumstances should CO2 be released into areas that may be manned at the time of discharge.

Total flood CO2 systems are ideal for unmanned applications such as transformer rooms, remote switch rooms, generators and archives. All systems should be installed with safety systems in place to prevent the inadvertent release of agent into occupied spaces. Kidde Fire Protection offers time delays, isolating valves including distribution valves and control head lockout pins to facilitate the safe use of CO2.